Technology ~ Power Matla Innolumis
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Power Matla Innolumis’ comprehensive and leading range of Mesopic & Photopic LED street lights, area lights, high-mast lights, pole tip lights and specialised application lights are not only proven in the European, African and Asian markets, but offer some unique and industry leading features to our customers. Our technically advanced LED solutions offer the best Price vs Performance vs Quality combination for any desired application. Some key features other than energy efficiency and high light performance for the African market include;


  • Constant Lumens Output (CLO) over the product lifetime of 80 000 hrs.
  • Standard built-in Surge Protection Device (SPD) to offer additional protection to reticulation and lightning strikes.
  • High vandalism-proof construction with a IK10 rating and patented silicon-based powder coating on aluminium to operate in the worst rust atmospheric conditions.
  • Standard dimmability of 10% (default factory setting) with custom dimming control acceptance.
  • Independent driver to LED light source controls enhancing burn-efficiency and light source lifetime.
  • Leading low glare / high visibility ratio
  • Choice between blue phosphor-based Photopic lighting and RGB-based Mesopic application colour-specific lighting for specialised applications – at the same price.
  • Full IEC/SANS, as well as LM79 certification including flame-proof certification on selected models.


Power Matla Innolumis provides the following types of LED lighting:


  • New LED streetlight luminaires (retrofit, new green field & new solar)
  • New LED pole-top luminaires (retrofit & green field installation)
  • New LED high-mast clusters (retrofit& green field installation)
  • Solar LED street light and area lighting (green field)
  • Perimeter and area lighting applications.


Read more about our product range here.


Power Matla Innolumis features 7 different light colours for optimum illumination of public spaces and factors in the often conflicting interests of man, flora and fauna.   However, a socially secure environment is always the starting point and road safety is the number one priority. Power Matla Innolumis LED lighting is entirely within the guidelines of the photopic lighting directives of the ROVL 2011; if extra peripheral vision and energy conservation is required, there is always the option of the unique, Mesopic method of lighting.   The great diversity in light colours is created by making sophisticated colour combinations of green, red and blue (RGB) LEDs as well as by using only blue LEDs with a layer of tri-phosphorous powder. Read more about light colour technology and products here.