Strategic Partnership ~ Power Matla Innolumis
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Strategic Partnership

Power Matla Innolumis’s pool of knowledge and experience in both the local and European market resulted in a strategic partnership leading the way for introduction of advanced energy efficient LED street lighting and LED area lighting solutions as a comprehensive package for our public and private entity clients, with some key attributes of our partnership being:

Power Matla

  • Level 1 BBBEE Investment company.
  • Operating in the Energy and Electrification sector.
  • Existing operations cover key sales segments like municipalities, mining and parastatal.
  • Seeking to expand it’s offering to renewables and comprehensive electrification solutions.
  • Focus on local industrialisation.


  • International presence and leader in LED technology.
  • Existing sales presence, key reference sites, approvals & good reputation in Africa.
  • Local market experience to drive dedicated public lighting segment.
  • Smart City solution on introduction of advanced LED public lighting products.
  • Focus/Invest in local market skills development, and production.