Smart Cities ~ Power Matla Innolumis
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Smart Cities

The Smart City solution is the ultimate culmination of Power Matla Innolumis’ comprehensive public lighting solution that merges LED technology with data management solutions. “Vision pod” and “Signal pod” is integrated into our products from 2018 and offered to other LED technology suppliers. The system collates video and measurement data into a cloud platform, from where data applications are developed (standard & custom). This information is then provided on subscription to the client, whether it is a municipality or a mine. The Smart City concepts include, but are not limited to:


  • Day/night sensor installation.
  • Street light data logging and controls (on/off, consumption, dimming, vandalism, accidents etc.)
  • Comprehensive control (video streaming, photography, accident notification, IP address identification, forward alert etc.)
  • Full Integration – a comprehensive cloud and data application system that manages a number of utilities using the LED Street light as a base.
  • The Internet of Things (IOT) is a currently available solution, enabled by our global sister companies and affiliates. Contact us for more information.