Lighting Audit & Light Simulations Service ~ Power Matla Innolumis
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Lighting Audit & Light Simulations Service

Most municipalities in SA do not have a baseline or inventory of the amount of street lights they have, the condition of these street lights nor the condition of reticulation of such infrastructure. By offering a professional lighting audit and design service, Power Matla Innolumis will conduct street light counts so as to have a baseline for calculation of the ROI of retrofit projects, as well as will provide and maintain this database on behalf of a municipality.


Critical to the upcoming smart city concept – streetlights locations are recorded for future use and incorporation in street planning. We can also offer this service to any lighting concern as a sub-contracted service. We will provide expert reference site measurement and power consumption data recording as part of this service. The benefits to the municipality are:


  • Accurate up-to-date baseline of existing infrastructure and condition thereof.
  • Real-time identification of points of failures or issue with supply/reticulation.
  • Easy management of infrastructure and maintenance cost controls.
  • Accurate billing and disbursements of electricity cost.
  • More effective expansion / upgrading for new installations and redundant streetlights.
  • Ensuring compliance to national and municipal by-laws for street lighting conditions.