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Financing Solutions

As result of the relatively high cost associated with the introduction of LED technologies in general and more so in the public sector, initial capital layout is the biggest inhibitor for clients to proceed, despite the many advantages and realistic ROI period. Current LED retrofit projects completed in the public sector is directly funded by Department of Energy subsidies, and in a significant number of cases, the municipalities have opted for cheaper, lower quality products and in some instances, ineffective technologies like CFL and Induction Lighting solutions resulting in poor performance and ultimately project failure.


In the private sector, the same funding challenges are found, however private companies are more attuned to the benefits and ROI advantages of LED. Poor industry and precious metals performances are the main drivers for not proceeding with these projects. Power Matla Innolumis offers assistance in attaining a comprehensive financing solution that can be tailored into various iterations to suite all types of projects. These are:


  • Finance Maintenance Lease (FML) – a green technologies FML solution – similar to e.g. copier rental.
  • Grant funding – there are a number of grant funds available for African Least Developed Countries (LDC’s) that may provide significant funding for renewable technologies. In lighting these funds are mainly focused on solar/PV based projects.
  • Bank Finance – different bank finance structures via SPV or PPP to public sector and directly to private sector companies in various applications related to green technologies.
  • Government-based subsidies are available from government departments like the DoE and parastatals like Eskom.
  • SPV/PPP – set up to provide a fixed platform for a number of street lighting projects where Power Matla Innolumis is a shareholder in the SPV.
  • Power Matla Innolumis  ‘’LED’s fund – Fixed Term Project loan’’
  • Power Matla Innolumis ‘’LED’s fund – Full Operating Lease’’


The above can be structured in combination of or hybrids of the various funding and financing mechanisms depending on the needs of the client and the project scope.

Due to the inherent  nature of any funding or financing product regarding project financial risk, please note that standard finance institutional  and credit worthiness parameters will apply, this along with a project scope and scale will determine the type of funding solution can be arranged by Power Matla Innolumis.

Further, Power Matla Innolumis can offer to take on finance risk in the form of a fixed term project loan or a full operating lease per project, this dependent on the type, scale and location of a project.

Power Matla Innolumis is not a Financial Service Provider (FSP), nor a Financial Intermediary & Services Provider, and all financing, Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV’s) or funding solutions that may be offered are done so according to the terms and conditions of such entities.