About Us ~ Power Matla Innolumis
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About Us

Power Matla Innolumis (Pty) Ltd, a new company formed between the Power Matla Group (Pty Ltd) and the Netherlands based Innolumis Public Lighting BV, was established in South Africa in March 2017 as a black owned company.


Our headquarters are in Rivonia, Johannesburg, South Africa, from where the African operations are serviced directly.


The formation of the company brings with it a number of advantages, the most significant being leveraging of the existing operations of the Power Matla Group in the electrification sector and the international backing and technology transfer of a leading Dutch LED street lighting company Innolumis. We benefit from;


  • Internal design, development, manufacturing and supply of our own LED technology.
  • Capability to deliver in Africa: high volume, short lead time manufacturing and supply as result of experience gained in the Netherlands.
  • Local internal LED expertise, lighting specialists, IP and licensing agreements in the global LED market.
  • A well-known global LED product under the Innolumis brand being brought to the African market with a footprint in South Africa since 2010 (under our previous distribution partner NTL Lemnis) with more than 70 000 streetlights installed across the world since 2009.
  • We are focused on establishing the Innolumis LED brand in focused key markets, mainly in the municipal/public lighting, direct projects/Industrial, and Mining segments. At the same time we aim to establish brand and company credibility as a leading high performance LED product and comprehensive public lighting solution, with industry-leading and world-first projects achievements.